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This page will have all the updates I make to the site. I will try to make updates as much as I can. More information the the cast, characters or pictures whenever possible. I am also going to try and find out current Dallas news when I can. Please visit this page to find out the new additions. Thank you.

February 22, 2006- Ive listed the site on a few more fan site listings.
February 14, 2006- Ive added  a couple more links to the links page.  Ive also added some photos to The Commish, Just Between Friends, and Locked Up: A Mother's Rage.  Ive also added Josh's complete filmography to his biography page. 
January 22, 2006- Ive added a couple of new links to this website.  I added a website that's dedicated to the entire Dallas Universe including the spin-off series, Knots Landing.  I also added a link to a fantastic website, dedicated to the TRUE heart and soul of Dallas, Ole JR Ewing himself, Larry Hagman.
January 19, 2006 - Ive added some new links to this website.  I added a link to a great fan fiction thats available on SoapChat.  I also added a couple of websites dedicated Dallas.  I also added a link to a website dedicated to one of Dallas's greatest couples.  I also corrected a couple of links that I added to the site before, and I added the wrong URL.  Ive added a new page to the website, I added a small biography of Joshua's with some info that Ive found on the internet.  Ive also listed this site on several celebrity websites.
January 10, 2006 - Site Opens

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