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Joshua Harris: Related Links

There are links that are somehow related to Joshua Harris in someway, unless otherwise stated.

A website with loads of listings including fansites.

Celebrity Exchange

A Website with links of actors of all ages, including child actors.

a website with all kinds of links for celebrites, child actors, and video games.

Joshua Harris sites and more at Celebrity Link Joshua Harris

Joshua Harris's Most Wanted Movies

Ultimate Dallas - The official Website

This is the official website of the hit TV show, Dallas that Joshua Harris starred on from 1985-1991

Teens Rule

A website dedicated to Teen Actors, Past and Present.

Movie Kids

This is a website that is dedicated to all Child actors in hollywood, and TV.


This is a website that is dedicated to all boy actors in hollywood, and TV.

Actario's Teen-Actor-Site

This is Actario's website dedicated to all teenage actors, including Joshua Harris.

Boy Actors' Biographies

A Wonderful website with biographies on several Child Stars.

Internet Movie Database

This website is the complete database for all actors, actresses, and child stars on the internet.

Yahoo! Movies

This is Yahoo's section devoted entirely on movies.

Dallas Official Forum

This is the official forums to discuss all things Dallas.

This is a website that has a complete listing of most TV shows, including all with Joshua Harris.

These are fan based sites of Dallas, or actors that starred in Dallas.

DALLAS: The best prime time soap opera

This is MrsJREwing's (from UltimateDallas) website dedicated entirely on the hit TV show, Dallas.

Dallas and JR Ewing Forever

This is Giamma's (from UltimateDallas) website dedicated to entirely on Dallas, plus is available in both English, and Italian.

Barbara Bel Geddes Tribute Site and Photo Album

This is Barbara Fan's (from UItimateDallas) website dedicated to Barbara Bel Geddes, who played Miss Ellie on Dallas, who sadly passed away August 2005.  She will be missed.

Dallas Cast Photo Album

This is Barbara Fan's (from UltimateDallas) website with a complete photo album of most of the Dallas cast.

Dallas: The Wind's Of Change!

This is EwingFan2006's (from UltimateDallas) website dedicated to his fabulous fan fiction of Dallas, set during season 9 of the show.

JR and Sue Ellen Online

This is JeannieFan4ever's (from UltimateDallas) website dedicated to JR and Sue Ellen Ewing from Dallas.


This is Pam's Twin Sister's (from UltimateDallas) website dedicated to the entire universe of Dallas.  This site also includes some information on Knots Landing, the popular Dallas Spinoff.  This site is available in both in English and Spainish

Larry Hagman Un-Official Website

This is LHFan72's (from UltimateDallas) website dedicated to Larry Hagman, the actor who plays John Ross "J.R." Ewing Junior on Dallas, the man everyone loves to hate.

Note: This website is in no way responsible for any content on the above websites.

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